Transformers: Transformers Movie - Scorponok Statue

Transformers: Transformers Movie - Scorponok Statue

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'I don't know man, I don't-man, if you seen this s***'' - Sergeant Robert EppsPrime 1 Studio is proud to present the P1SMMTFM31: Scorponok from the monumental debut film Transformers, directed by Michael Bay.Directed in 2007, Transformers was the first live film adaptation of the series. It was the 28th highest-grossing film of all-time at the time of its release and the fifth highest-grossing film of 2007. The movie features a war on planet Earth between the Autobots and Decepticons. Marking the first live film adaptation of the franchise comes Scorponok! Megatron's third-in-command, Blackout, is seen at the beginning of the film, completely obliterating Qatar Airbase. During this time, we see his symbiotic minion Scorponok detach, ready for the hunt.The tenacity of this Decepticon is unmatched! Scorponok comes to you with it's highest point being at 12 inches tall. This blood-thirsty, kill-hungry, nitty-gritty Decepticon stands upon a themed base with real sand to fully bring the atmosphere of the movie to your collection. Extra detail and care have been implemented into Scorponok's paint job to fully recreate the chameleon mesh armor plating, which allows him to perfectly blend in with the sand to ambush ANY Autobot or human. You will find the most eye-pleasing texture and color gradation, complete with LED illumination on Scoponok's eyes, with all three weapons pointing dead center, commanding ultimate presence and making this an amazing Decepticon statue!Pair with the parent Decepticon P1SMMTFM30: Blackout to have the ultimate Decepticon display! We have worked carefully and closely on this project from concept to development to bring back the amazing feeling that the first Transformers film has brought us all. May nostalgia creep into your collection as Scorponok creeps through the sand! A breathtaking masterpiece and a must-have for Transformers fans everywhere!Product Specifications:- Statue Size approx. 12 inches tall [H:29.7cm W:43.7cm D:49.2m]- One (1) designed themed base which reflects the iconic Qatar Airbase- LED illumination feature on eyes


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Naam - Nederlands Transformers: Transformers Movie - Scorponok Statue
Publisher Prime 1 Studio

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