Marvel: Mini Egg Attack - Spider-Gwen Action Figure
Afbeelding van Marvel: Mini Egg Attack - Spider-Gwen Action Figure
Afbeelding van Marvel: Mini Egg Attack - Spider-Gwen Action Figure

Marvel: Mini Egg Attack - Spider-Gwen Action Figure

Venom Figurines Rio

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With summer officially in 'full-swing', why not take home some seriously fun 'swinging' action from the new Marvel Comics - Spider-Man Mini Egg Attack series, brought to you exclusively by Beast Kingdom!

Arguably the most well-known character in Marvel's Comic universe, our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is now joined with the multiverse's Spider-Gwen and Miles Morales, as well as the infamous anti-hero, Venom! Experience four characters who have the ability to take to the city skies with agility and determination. With the release of Beast Kingdom's new Spider-Man MEA range of mini statuettes, each character recreates their classic comic poses using three-dimensional recreations. Added extras to each piece such as colorful building backdrops, and bases with 3D logos creates the ultimate in comic collectability. Cute and small they may be, yet with delicate painting, each tabletop statuette is sure to be a head turner. So make sure to get all four in your collection and get those 'Spidey-Senses' tingling today!

Agile, flexible and full of valor: everyone's favorite friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, aka Peter Parker is here to save the day!
The Multiverse's Spider-Man: Miles Morales with his unique suite is ready for action!
Another new addition from the Multiverse: Spider-Gwen is the heroine our city needs!
With an exaggerated smile, Venom is an alien hybrid that is part man, but can he be trusted?


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Brand Venom
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